Bringing a wealth of experience
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Founding Partner & Managing Director

Trevor Loewensohn has over 30 years of investment banking experience – mostly for leading global investment banks including Vice Chairman at UBS, after moving from Head of Investment Banking and Joint CEO at JP Morgan.

Founding Partner

Phil Green has over 30 years of experience specialising in structured finance and advisory, leasing, asset based financing, principal investment and funds management. Phil has extensive expertise in property, financial assets, infrastructure and other forms of asset backed finance including aircraft, rail and mortgages.

Founding Partner

Morris Symonds is a long standing professional investor with substantial experience in equities, commodities, mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring.

Managing Director (Real Estate)

Damien Cronin leads Alceon’s real estate investment business.

Executive Director

Daniel Chersky is a foundation member of the Alceon investment team and is Principal and Co-Portfolio Manager of the Alceon High Conviction Absolute Return Fund.

Managing Director (Private Equity)

David Wilshire has 20 years experience in principal investment, mergers and acquisitions and capital markets.

Executive Director

Gerald Full has 20 years of experience across the real estate, financial services, information technology and mining & resources sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Adrian Kidd leads Alceon’s Credit investment business. Adrian has over 15 years of experience across the principal investment, structured finance and advisory sectors. Having joined Alceon shortly after its inception in 2011, Adrian has developed significant expertise in structuring bespoke debt facilities for both domestic and off-shore borrowers particularly in the non-bank lending space.

Managing Director (Private Equity)

Zac Midalia is a Managing Director of Private Equity at Alceon Group.


Executive Director

Paul Platus has over 20 years of experience in the Australian Finance Industry, predominantly in strategy, operations, loan securitisation, real estate and equity raising.


Matthew Liston has 20 years experience in property funds management, property development and property valuations.


Founding Partner, Alceon Queensland

Todd Pepper has over 20 years experience across a broad range of property sectors includes valuation, sales and leasing, development management and finance. Todd specialises in the area of Real Estate finance, feasibility analysis and transaction management with particular skills in development management and deal origination.


Director, WA

Andrew Fatin has over 25 years of experience in property structured finance, including corporate finance and bond market securitisation transactions.

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