Bringing a wealth of experience
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Founding Partner & Managing Director

Trevor Loewensohn has over 30 years of investment banking experience – mostly for leading global investment banks including Vice Chairman at UBS, after moving from Head of Investment Banking and Joint CEO at JP Morgan.

Chief Financial Officer

Shareen Ali has over 25 years taxation, audit and accounting experience in Australia and New Zealand.

Director, Head of Investor Relations

Melanie Hedges has over 15 years of experience in the company secretarial, compliance and investor communications functions in the financial services and real estate sectors.

Director (Transaction Management)

Tamaki Maehashi has over 20 years in taxation and accounting specialising in business services for SMEs and HNWIs.


Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer

Paul Platus has over 20 years of experience in the Australian Finance Industry, predominantly in strategy, operations, loan securitisation, real estate and equity raising.



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